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Photo: Ivan Brown / Longtower Photography

Marco Catini: Photographer, Visual Storyteller.

About Marco Catini

Born to Italian parents in the German speaking part of Switzerland, Marco grew up bilingual German and Italian. At school he was taught French and then English. In his youth he played soccer with more passion than talent, but he never forgot to have fun with his teammates.


In his teens Marco finally picked up a camera. He took a lot of photos, but lacked proper understanding of film photography and vision, thus the first love affair with photography was short lived. 


After achieving a degree in business administration Marco completed 

mandatory military service as a paramedic. He then gained experience in the advertising industry as an account director, first on the client side and then at advertising agencies. He was in charge of  budget and timelines and worked closely with the creative departments. During these years he developed his eye for visual composition and storytelling, and an understanding that without constant hard work any creative output would be mediocre at best.


In 2001 Marco came to the United States. He worked at a YMCA in positions as different as Front Desk Representative, Staff 

Current and upcoming Shows

Photographer’s Network Pop-Up Exhibition, 70 South Gallery, Morristown NJ

August 3 - August 15, 2018

Accountant and Director of Administration. During this time he re-discovered his passion for photography. After a period of experimenting with different styles and subjects he discovered his affinity for documentary and for long exposure photography. 


Marco volunteers for Special Olympics
New Jersey at competitions, fundraisers
and public events. He also creates in-depth stories about individual athletes, some of them over the course of several months
and at places as diverse as ice skating
rinks, ski slopes, tennis courts, work places, and schools.

Photo: Becky Weidenkopf Photography

Past Shows

Salmagundi Club 40th Annual Open Exhibitions, NYC

August 23 - July 3, 2018

2018 Soho Photo National Competition,

Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, July 5 - 21, 2018

B&H Event Space Portfolio Development, juried show

Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, July 6 - 26, 2018

Presentation / Showcase at B&H Event Space

and live stream

May 29, 2018

"Lingering Noise"; 70 South Gallery, Morristown NJ

11/10/2017 - 2/23/2018

Juxtapose Gallery, Westfield, NJ, September / October 2017

Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, July 2017

The City Reliquary Museum, NYC, 09/2016 – 01/2017:
Life of an American Ruin: Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion

Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, July 2016

Lena DiGangi Gallery, Totowa, NJ, October 2013: 5BW

Photo: Denise Catini

Photo: Ivan Brown / Longtower Photography


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