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CANY Architecture

Online portfolio for CANY,
an organization specializing

in building envelope systems.

Marco Catini was introduced to me through a colleague, I was updating my website and having difficulty finding time to capture images I needed to develop and launch my website. My company is a Building Enclosure Consulting firm located in NYC in business for 20+ years but just beginning to have an online presence.  

When I first spoke to MC he was getting ready to leave on a business trip and I needed a dozen or more photos taken immediately of buildings located in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, weather was precarious, and time was of the essence. Following our collaboration of what I envisioned and his perspective, I felt comfortable and he was signed up.

Being a hobby photographer with a ton of gear myself, I had high expectations. Marco was able to complete the task as promised, with ample time for me to review with my team and be selective with images chosen. He provided many more photos than I had expected, most of which were as we had discussed.

However, he also imputed his artistic impression to some which we didn’t discuss ahead of time, I didn’t know I wanted, but turns out they were some of my favorite images. The images were spot on in portraying our company’s portfolio and they exceeded my expectations.

Marco is genuinely a nice human being who is talented and passionate about his craft. I will continue to use his services in the future and hope to also continue to talk shop with him when possible as I share his love for cameras and gear and all that goes along with photography and the constant evolution of the art and science behind it all.

- Thomas Seminara, VP Marketing & Technical Services

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