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Jared skating on ice with his father for

Special Olympics New Jersey,

and at his school. 

MCP was very professional and passionate about capturing my son's participation in Special Olympics NJ Ice Skating. To create a fuller picture of Jared as a Special Olympian, MCP attended many of his skating practices and also photographed him at school, which painted a fuller picture of Jared not only as a Special Olympian but also as a person.

Once the story of Jared as a person and Special Olympian was put together by MCP, those that read Jared's story had a greater respect for him. His many years of skating and the challenges he continues to overcome to participate, was better appreciated. [To] those reading Jared's story and viewing his photos, which captured so many special moments from practice, to school, to his Special Olympics competition day, revealed the picture of Jared's determination and growth.

Working with Jared day to day, it is easy to forget how far he has come. MCP gave me a chance to step back and look at how far Jared has grown over the years as a skater and more importantly as a person. A reminder of God's grace and just how far my son has come.


Marco's dedication to capturing a good moment and going behind the moment, to capture the essence of the person […] benefited my son and me […].

- Leon Morton, father and figure skater

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