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Meet Dane

Meet Dane at work, playing basketball,

and competing in downhill skiing at

Special Olympics New Jersey Winter Games.

When our son had the opportunity to work with Marco it was truly a wonderful experience, not just in Dane's life but for the entire family. The way Marco encompassed Dane's world through his lens, not just his involvement with Special Olympics but in other facets in life, turned out to be such a positive family experience.


We believe that when Marco worked with Dane it brought out many of his positive aspects in his life which resulted in building better self-confidence and an enhanced working relationship with someone other than family and close friends.


While working over a better part of a year (4 seasons of sports) with Marco, his kindness and appreciation of some of the simpler and finer things in life came to our minds. Through his lens we appreciate more of Dane's character and demeanor.


Several results that occurred over our sessions are that Dane gained better self-confidence on and off the field, and the family appreciates more than ever his efforts while competing in sports.

Working with Marco was easy because he is very flexible with his scheduling and takes his time with each shoot. The array of photos and the quality was over and beyond expectations.


If you are looking for someone with a lot of patience and kindness, and with a wonderful portfolio, Marco is the one. Going the extra mile to achieve the goals is more important to him than sticking to scheduled end time, which is most evident and appreciated while working with him.


We would recommend MCP for all types of photography but would highly recommend his outstanding B & W portrait work. His prices are also in line with top quality photography.

- Dean and Gail Klewsaat, Parents


Looking Up

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